I saw you creeping around the garden
What are you hiding?
I beg your pardon don’t tell me «nothing»
I used to think that I could trust you
I was your woman
You were my knight and shining companion
To my surprise my loves demise was his own greed and lullaby. (c)

Photo - Yuliya Dorofeeva

Style and art direction - Andrey Zubatyuk

Muah - Egor Kartashov

Hair - Yuliya Saitova

Artist - Aleksey Moiseev

Model - Masha Izyumova


Blue top and dress — Ksenia Avakyan

White top — Dorothee Schumacher

Shorts — RAOUL

Chocolate suit — JOOP!

Heels — Next.com.ru

Jewellery — Poisondrop

Thank you Atelier Ksenia Avakyan, show rooms L.B.D. Moscow and RSVP Moscow. <3