How Do Birth Control Pills Affect Your Risk Of Cancer


It is the cancer which is being affected by the birth control pills. This is why the birth control pills and cancer especially the breast cancer are supposed to be closely related. The very important facts of this regard are stated below. These are the facts which are considered as a must to be known by everyone that is almost every woman who uses these birth control pills. Does your pill for birth control can be able to put you on the greater risk for cancer? Or, in some cases actually does it protect to you from the various diseases? Here are given a few numbers of recent headlines and researches which might make you wondering.

Here is given what you should know about the possible oral contraceptives. These oral contraceptives, sometimes also better known with the other name called the birth control pills.  These are the birth control pills which at the same time are also supposed to make a good impact on a woman’s chance of getting developed the breast or the gynecologic cancers. In some other cases, it can also develop another and bigger chances of cancer. It means it is really very important to protect you against the cancer like problems especially the breast cancer.

Since these birth control pills are supposed to contain the man-made version of the two female hormones called the progestin and estrogen. These hormones when eaten are supposed to control the level of secretion of the ovulation of the females who takes them.

Taking these birth control pills for a long time will surely reduce the risk of ovarian cancer development in the body of the females who takes it. However with the prolonged use of this pill the female is also supposed to get more and more prone to developing the cervical as well as the breast cancer in them. However this probability of getting the breast or cervical cancer is only temporary. Once you stop taking the birth control pills the probability of you getting the breast and cervical cancer becomes quite normal. It sometime also takes a prolonged time to get it done. In some cases it can take the time of five years to completely reduce the risk of development of breast and cervical cancer.

The other things which are also important to be considered are that these are not the pills only which places you on the greater risk of development of the breast and cervical cancer. There are other factors also which can contribute to the development of the breast and cervical cancer in you. You are also more prone to the development of the gynecological cancer risk is you have been suffering from the overweight family history.