Stop Smoking And Lose Weight By Hypnosis


The life of a cigarette smoker in the western world is a miserable one in so many ways nowadays. By now, unless you had been living in a cave deep in Siberia, you would know that smoking kills and has horrible social and anti-social side effects. Publicly frowned upon and being a very expensive habit to boot, it is any wonder smokers are looking for any way they can find to kick the habit. Enter – self help hypnosis courses for stop smoking. Now many of you would think of hypnosis as verging on quackery – but actually it is not. You may have seen hypnosis used to entertain people at circuses and on stage, but it is now a known fact that hypnosis is a respected medium for the treatment of many conditions, in particular those that can cause addiction. It is perfect for those that are wanting to lose weight or stop smoking.

Many years ago I used it to treat an emotional condition I was suffering from at the time. I was somewhat skeptical at the time as I really didn’t believe it could help me and, on top of that, I felt I would not be a very good subject for hypnosis. What I was to discover was that I was completely wrong. I thought I would end up in an unconscious state of being but that isn’t so . You never lose you consciousness through out the process. What happens is that you enter a state of semi-detachment where you are not constantly evaluating what is going on. At this point you or your therapist is able to make mental health suggestions that will improve you daily life.

Most people will need about three to four weeks of treatment and will find that the results are subtle but by the end of the period they will have actually transformed themselves into the new person the desire to be. Whether that be a non smoker or lose weight – the concept remains the same. With smoking the results will start to appear within about three to four days and the habit will start to subside. You may still feel like lighting a cigarette and it is ok to do so as this is not an instant cure all like so many of these online hypnosis courses tend to make out. The subliminal suggestions in self help hypnosis courses do work away slowly at your mind until the habit is broken. Expect these treatments to work as they do given time.